School of Literature, Media, and Communication

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech defines new models of intellectual inquiry and practice that bring diverse humanistic perspectives to bear on technological invention and innovation. Our mission is to research and teach how the humanities shape and are shaped by science and technology. We believe that understanding technologies in their cultural contexts is fundamental to invention and innovation, and our faculty and students assess and inform technological and scientific change by creating, analyzing, and critiquing a broad range of media forms and cultural practices. Our School’s strategic objective is to create Humanistic Perspectives in a Technological World 


Richard Utz

Dr. Richard Utz is Professor and Chair in Georgia Tech’s School of Literature, Media, and Communication and President of the International Society for the Study of Medievalism. His scholarship centers on medieval culture, medievalism, the interconnections between humanistic inquiry and science/technology, reception study, and the formation of cultural memories and identities. His publications include Medievalism: A Manifesto, an essai advocating for a more co-disciplinary, inclusive, democratic, affective, and humanistic engagement with medieval culture. 


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